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Susanna Kunkel in the News

Forbearances creating foreclosures with equity – the untold story of 2022

July 2022; Confusing forbearance offers and misinformation published in early 2020 created a foreclosure crisis for owners with equity who aren’t being helpedThe ugly truth and untold story of 2022 is that a large number of homeowners in forbearance because of COVID related hardships are at risk of foreclosure. It’s an impossible situation. Equity without liquidity. Forbearances must be paid in full and the loan reinstated before the home owner can refinance to pay off the default. Yet the hardship that caused the forbearances makes a refi or loan modification a challenge, sometimes impossible. Deferments can work, however sometimes the higher payments based on increased loan balance push homeowners over the edge of affordability and into crisis.

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Philadelphia, Home of UPenn, Drexel, Offers Urban Luxury Living at an Appealing Price Point

May 22, 2022; I was honored to be one of two agents quoted in a recent article by Mansion Global, a division of Barron’s Group. Philadelphia was featured as one of the top US luxury markets where the strong University presence has a direct impact on luxury real estate as reflected in Center City and Main Line markets.

For those in search of family-oriented living, Philadelphia’s Main Line suburbs offer expansive green space with easy access to downtown via the city’s commuter rail corridor. Among the most exclusive enclaves is Wynnewood, home to some of the top public and private schools and stately colonial estates dating to the early 20th century. A 4,000-square-foot home may go for around $2 million to $3 million, depending on the surrounding acreage.

Unlike suburban areas that developed in the last 30 years, Philadelphia’s suburbs have historic homes that go back a hundred years,” Ms. Kunkel said. “Each township has its own unique character.”

Homes along the Main Line—which, ahead of the pandemic, had sat idle on the market because they were considered too much maintenance or square footage—have also seen renewed demand and price growth, Ms. Kunkel said. 

Both she and Alperin expect that Philadelphia will continue to attract buyers interested in luxury properties at a more attainable price point.

Mansion Global May 22, 2022

Mansion Global is part of Barron’s Group, which comprises publications including Barron’s magazine, MarketWatch and Financial News. Mansion Global is independent of the Mansion section of The Wall Street Journal. Both are publications of Dow Jones & Co.

Houses scooped up before they’re listed. It’s shutting people out of home ownership;

Are Pocket Listings in Your Best Interest? Blog article

Private deals brokered on the golf course

August 2021; A reporter from PBS reached out to me after reading my blog article linked above about the common practice on the Main Line of pocket listings, especially during COVID. The ugly truth of what in effect is an exclusionary sales strategy can be interpreted as modern day redlining.

As is often the case with discriminatory practices, the motive isn’t necessarily overt racism. However the disparate treatment and lack of access to quality housing and school districts creates the same effect as redlining.

There was a time when real estate deals were brokered on the golf course, in the country club and among private networking to create exclusive access, and also to prevent “outsiders” from moving into prime neighborhoods. On the Main Line in the 70’s sales contracts and some deeds even included special language to restrict sales from Jews, for instance.

Today’s sellers need maximum exposure to the greatest pool of buyers. Ethics aside, pocket listings are not in the seller’s best interest in order to yield the highest net return from today’s current market.

Waterfront Square Condo Featured in Philadelphia Magazine

Waterfront Square

January 2019: Press exposure for my client’s listings are always a part of my media / marketing plan.

In this case, Sandy Smith picked up info I submitted and featured the waterfront, convenient lifestyle offered by my client’s one bedroom condo offering at Waterfront Square.

One of only two gated communities in Philadelphia, Waterfront Square offers amenity rich living along the Delaware River.

First Philadelphia Crypto Currency Real Estate Offering

January 2016: I didn’t plan to be a media star, however my strategy to market my clients’ condo offering to an emerging crypto currency buyer pool caught a great deal of attention with the press. With every seller, my focused, creative marketing strategy is to provide maximum exposure in the best channels for the ideal demographic pool who finds the lifestyle and location attractive. That means multiple marketing streams, with various media and content.

Falcon Condominiums is a complex I became involved in as the third listing agent. Three condos with more traditional floor plans sold in the initial offering. However, sales lagged and a creative new approach was needed for the remaining 4 units. The consistent feedback from traditional buyers showed the unique 3-level floor plan with large private spaces and an industrial type vibe didn’t resonate. Inspired by a New York TV show that featured open house buyers asking if they could buy using Bitcoin, I realized what didn’t fit for traditional buyers could be an ideal fit for a tech start-up entrepreneur. To pull attention away from the Old City tech corridor, I researched the viability of selling using Bitcoin, found it was possible, released a press release and the flurry of press coverage ensued. Not only multiple articles and interviews, but also a live TV interview with local news and an invitation to speak on a Crypto Real Estate panel in Manhattan.

When we meet to discuss selling your property, we’ll explore who is the best ‘avatar’ for your future buyer, and what creative ways can we get you exposure.

Falcon Condominiums in Manayunk